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Jenn Frey <4jennfrey@gmail.com>  

 Over the weekend of June 5th my warehouse on 51 Commercial Ave units #2,#10(scrap metal/storage unit) was entered without permission by MICHAEL WILLIAMS. MR WILLIAMS broke the locks and began removing material from the unit. The police were notified. 

MR WILLIAMS told the police it was his warehouse and provided a Trade and business license.  

TIM FREY let the police know he (TIM) leased/rented the warehouse in question and the T&B MR WILLIAMS held was for a different unit. MR WILLIAMS wife has the tire shop in front of building.  

  TIM produced a couple rent payments/deposits he had in the truck for the officers to view, but because the deposits are directly put into Cayman Custom Cabinets (MR JIMMY POWEL acct.) They did not allow this as proof. The officers allowed MR WILLIAMS to remove items. The officer on site questioned TIM, how could he own anything without a work permit, and told TIM to shut up or be arrested.

We now believe previous break-in was committed by MR. WILLIAMS on May 5th 2015.

LISA POWEL (JIMMY POWEL daughter) was contacted to provide proof that TIM and JENNIFER FREY are the renters of the warehouse. LISA POWEL was evasive with the accuracy of the rightful tenant citing " I don't know if they are current on their rent". 

TIM went home after arrest threats from the officers on duty to retrieve the lease (5 yr+) from JIMMY POWEL as well as deposits, utilities payments, and emails between LISA and TIM over the last years of occupancy. 

The lease and proof was presented to the police and LISA POWEL on Saturday at which time LISA POWEL issued a notice of eviction.

MR WILLIAMS has been instructed to leave the property and not touch ANYTHING in the warehouse.

 TIM was told by the police to press trespassing /theft charges against MR WILLIAMS . On Sunday after the police spoke with LISA POWEL to verify the letter she wrote, the police and LISA POWEL escorted TIM to the property and TIM was permitted to photograph the material remaining and begin a list of materials missing 

The officer in charge (ROWELL,JOHN) suggested to "Get a lawyer this is a civil matter".

Monday evening MR WILLIAMS made threats to a friend borrowing one of my trucks that they must return it to the warehouse. Therefore MR WILLIAMS is attempting to take possession of my vehicles.

I JENNIFER FREY arrived on island June 11th and retained an attorney BEN TONNER from the law firm SAMSON & McGRATH .

FRIDAY JUNE 12,2015, I arrived at the warehouse to begin noting damage to the property as well as inventory stolen/missing items. MR WILLIAMS called the police on me and officer #430 arrived.

I began to show my receipts as well as the lease and payments stating I am the renter.. The warehouses #2 #8 #10 are in the FREY name not a business name. I have proof of ownership for the equipment as well as the materials stored inside. The officers allowed me to enter the #2 the main storage unit and begin to photograph. At the time I noted Car batteries missing as well as Catalytic Converters missing. MR WILLIAMS stated he sold them to pay lawyer fees. These are my items. IT was advised to me to get a lawyer and I stated I had done so.

I have placed locks and no Tresspassing signs and MRWILLIAMS removes them and conducts business in my warehouse under my name.